1-minute guide to Cashback Sites


Cashback Sites

Cashback is a way of earning money back when you spend. If you want to buy something, it is always worth checking a cashback site to see if you can get it even cheaper by banking a few £££ cashback

Cashback deals can be brilliant BUT only if you use them correctly

NEVER just look for the cashback deal, ALWAYS shop around for the best price first

Super savvy shoppers buy things using a cashback site, a voucher AND then pay for them with a cashback credit card earning a TREBLE bonus!

A good cashback site:

  • Pays out 100% of what it earns in commission
  • Is free to join or has a very low admin fee
  • Allows access to your cash with no minimum threshold amount

Need to know

  • Cashback sites get their commission from the retailer when you buy something but not all cashback sites pay the same
  • DO NOT start spending the cashback until it’s in your bank account! It’s good practice to wait until the cashback has cleared before you cash in your discounts
  • Remember, if the cashback site doesn’t get paid, you don’t get paid.  The sites they refer you to pay out based on proof that they sent you there, the evidence is browser cookies. It is not completely foolproof, but we have had greater success when we have cleared our cookies before we start
  • Some sites insist you reach a certain limit before you can take your money out, but try to withdraw the cash from the site as soon as you have it
  • The amount of money available can vary hugely depending on what you are buying from £10 back to a % of overall spend
  • NEVER just look for the best cashback offer, SHOP around for the right price first.  For example, if you have found the item elsewhere with a 10% discount, then going for the 3% cashback is not a great deal, but doing BOTH is super savvy!
  • There is no guarantee when the merchant will pay the cashback site, so you could be waiting months for your payout. Once they receive it they should pay you immediately
  • You can get FREE MONEY from cashback sites, although it is normally in return for your details. Check the ‘Free Cashback’ section of Topcashback

Cashback Sites

Top Cashback

Why we like it:

  • no annual admin fees for basic use
  • pays out 100% of the cashback it receives
  • adds on a loyalty bonus the more times you use
  • offers exclusive deals to members
  • no minimum payout policy
  • £5.00 introduce a friend offer
  • able to use Paypal and BACS
  • can opt for cashback in Amazon vouchers with a 5% bonus on top for doing this
  • allows you to review retailers
  • ‘snap and save’ to earn cashback in supermarkets

Watch out:

  • change your email settings if you don’t want to receive a lot of emails from them
  • £5 taken from earnings if you use the Premium service

Why we like it:

  • pays out 100% of the cashback it receives
  • offers exclusive deals to members
  • £10 cashback introduce a friend offer
  • iPhone app pays you 10-20p to ‘check-in’ at some shops
  • allows you to claim cashback in-store if you register your credit or debit card with them. Stores include Debenhams (2% cashback), Vodafone (3.6%), H.Samuel (4.8%), Halfords (4.5%) and Cineworld (4.5%)
  • able to use Paypal and BACS
  • ‘click-snap’ allows you to earn cashback buying in store
  • £1 minimum payout

Watch out:

  • £5 per year taken from earnings if you choose the Premium Service

The inside track

  • If you are switching or taking out your insurance, utilities, mobile phone or credit card, ALWAYS check you are getting the best deal and remember that some comparison sites offer cashback deals too
  • To make sure the cashback is tracked you should ALWAYS click through from the cashback site and not from a different site
  • If you are not sure how reliable the tracking is for a certain online store, a good cashback site will publish statistics on each merchant they deal with
  • As with any website online, make sure you use a well established and reputable one. Some smaller cashback sites come and go, so only use them if you are comfortable
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