1-minute guide to Lost Premium Bonds


Lost Premium Bonds

The value of your premium bond lasts forever and once you’ve got your details you can cash it in at any point

There is currently over 44 million pounds worth of unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes and there is no time limit on collecting a  Premium Bonds prize

If you had, or even think you had Premium Bonds it will only take you a few minutes to get the NS&I searching for you


Need to know
  • Premium Bonds are a way to save money run by NS&I (National Savings and Investments). The ‘face’ value of your investment/saving never changes.
  • Instead of earning interest each pound you invest acts as a raffle ticket that is entered into prize draws.
  • There is a million pound jackpot every month as well as prizes ranging from £25-£100,000. To find out more about applying and your odds have a look at our guide to Premium Bonds
  • If the NS&I have your current address they will send a letter if you win, or if you’re VERY lucky and win the jackpot their agent millionaire will visit. If you have moved and not informed the NS&I then you could have won without realising
  • You can also find out if you’ve won by entering you Premium Bonds holder’s number into the prize checker
  • Your holder’s number (also known as a customer number) is the number that connects you to all of your bonds. It can be found on your certificate of investment and any other correspondence from the NS&I

If you have some details

  • If you’ve lost your holder’s number you can write to NS&I using our template below and request they send it
  • If you have some of your NS&I details, like any bond numbers or your NS&I number it will take NS&I 2-3 weeks to send through your account details

If you’ve lost all your details

  • If you’ve lost all your details, aren’t sure you have bonds or are looking for the bonds of a deceased relative you can use the tracing service. You can download a form here or use the online service mylostaccount.org.uk
  • The tracing service will ask the following questions and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to fill in:
  1. Name and address
  2. Previous name and addresses
  3. Type of account (Premium Bonds)
  4. When they may have been issued and how much they may have been worth
  5. If you have any NS&I documents
  6. Name and address of relative if you are searching for their bonds
  7. What documents you have relating to your deceased relative (if applicable) including a Will and a death certificate
  • The form then needs to be sent to: Tracing Service, National Savings and Investments, Blackpool, FY3 9YP
  • A result will take 4-6weeks depending on how many details you can supply
  • If you do use the tracing service online they will write to request your signature before sending out any details. If they find an account but have no signature on file (this will be the case if the bonds were bought for you as a child) they will either ask for you to send in a signature with a witness signature or request other proof of identity. Once signatures are sorted they will send you through your details
  • Once you have the details of your bonds you can then register for the online or phone service and keep track of them

Why we like it:

  • tracing forms and brochures
  • manage bonds online
  • prize checker
  • straightforward language used
  • excellent phone helpline
  • suggestions on other savings options

Watch out:

  • lots of information squeezed together

Why we like it:

  • free service provided by the British Bankers’ Association, the Building Societies Association and National Savings and Investments
  • takes minutes to fill out their form and start a search
  • aim to provide an answer from NS&I within 1 month

Watch out:

  • WARNING a conman calling himself Chairman Payment/Review Committee of the BSA, BBA and NS&I is currently emailing people asking for their bank details DO NOT respond to them. No personal account details will ever be asked for or divulged by this service
  • the more details you can provide the better especially past addresses if you have moved a lot
  • can search for accounts that aren’t in your name, but you should go to the relevant bank first if you can

The inside track

  • You can auto reinvest your winnings from your bonds and effectively buy MORE bonds up to the maximum amount of £30,000.
  • If you move house or change your bank details you need to let the NS&I know as soon as you can. You can call them on 0500 007 007 you may be on hold for a few minutes but when you do get through their team are really helpful
  • There is also now an ‘app’ that you can download that helps you keep track of your premium bonds
  • If a deceased relative had bonds and you know their number you can download the forms from the NS&I here
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