1-minute guide to Energy Switching


Energy Switching

It is SO easy to switch your energy and you WILL SAVE AN AVERAGE OF OVER £200!

This is a NO BRAINER! It takes 10 minutes, you’re never without energy and all you need is your bill.

You can call 0800 088 6973 free from a landline to find the best fixed rate deals 

Everyone should pay as little as possible for their energy! Even if you are renting you can switch

Need to know

  • Changing your energy is hassle free. We LOVE it and every one has saved a fortune!
  • You need your bill to know your useage and the amount you pay for a unit of gas or electricity. Order a bill or set up your online account, it’s easy to do.
  • It’s not ALWAYS cheaper to go for a dual fuel option (gas and elec with the same provider). It was cheaper for me to split them and cheaper for most in the office not to. So get a quote for both! 
  • You can switch if you are in arrears! Debts of less than 28 days can be taken to a new supplier. If you’re on a meter you can transfer gas and electricity debts of £500 to a new supplier (you will have to stay on the meter until the debts are paid)

What to do if you want to switch

If you’ve found a better deal online, what do you do next? Follow these simple steps to switch your energy supplier and save!

  • Check if there are any cancellation or admin fees with your current supplier before you call them.
  • If you are 49 days before the end of your contract period you should be able to switch with no penalty.
  • You no longer need to inform your old energy supplier, your new one will deal with that for you
  • Provide your new supplier with your postcode, meter reading and bank details.
  • That’s it! The process should take no longer than three weeks.

The best fixed rate deals

A fixed rate deal will protect you from price hikes until the deal ends. These are the BEST in market right now:

Supplier Tariff Name Fixed until  Ave. Bill  Ave. Saving*
Sainsbury’s Energy Fixed Price May 2017 31st May 2017



Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy May 2017 31st May 2017



Flow Energy Connect 6 30th March 2017



You can call UK Power on 0800 088 6973 to find the best deal for you

Table based on medium usage of 3,200kwh Electric and 13,500kwh Gas per annum.  

* Compared to an average bill of £1,283 per annum 

Last updated 09/05/2016

How to get the best deal

By law, all price comparison sites have to display all available tariffs, yet many of them will use a filter.

If you want to make sure that you are viewing all of the quotes on offer, change the default setting to ‘all of the market‘ before you search.

Let’s Save Some Money Compares…

Why we like it:

  • very simple switching process
  • easy to compare single switch electricity and gas with a dual fuel switch
  • recommend a friend for £20
  • you can call 0800 088 6973 free from your landline

Watch out:

  • opening times of call centres – Mon–Thurs: 9-8.30, Friday 9-5.30, Saturday 10-4, Sunday SHUT
Let’s Save on Energy

Why we like it:

  • Energy Crowdswitching
  • Hassle free
  • Could save you hundreds of pounds
  • Average customer saving during the last switch £274
  • Leave your details and the rest is taken care of

Watch out:

  • Only available certain times of the year

Save a fortune with home insulation

  • Whether you own or rent a property, you could very well be eligible for free home insulation.
  • If you are eligible for certain benefits or have an income lower than £15,860 you may be able to get free insulation.
  • The Energy Saving Trust estimates that you could save up to £250 for a detatched house EVERY YEAR by getting cavity wall insulation.
  • It really isn’t a question of if you should, but rather why haven’t you already?! Pick up the phone right now and call your local council to discuss your options. There is no catch and you have absolutely everything to gain.

The inside track

  • Further reduce your enegy bill with insulation and a smart meter. Monitoring and minimising your usage can save you £100’s
  • Pay by Direct Debit. You will get a discount around 6% which can add up to a saving of £70-£90.
  • If you are a low earner, a pensioner, long-term disabled or have young children you may be entitled tohelp with your energy bills or a free boiler
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