About Us

Welcome to a new way to save…

We’re a comparison site with an opinion, offering you straightforward, trustworthy down-to-earth advice. We want to simplify and demystify the world of consumer finance. Through one minute guides we will tell you all you need to know to make an informed decision that’s best you for.

Company Overview

Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a crowd working together to save each other money? Well…. just think of us as the people spurring you on. We’ll start you off and then sit back and watch as YOU take over.


The idea that you can go online and compare deals on lots of comparison websites is FAB, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it is you’re after or where to start. We also think it’s great that there are sites where you can spend hours reading about something, after all information is great, if you’ve got the time and it helps you to save money.

But what we LOVE most of all is YOU and your friends having more money in your pocket and the only way this will happen is if you TAKE ACTION and then tell them all about it.


So that’s where we are very different! Our aim is to give you enough information to help you make decisions without giving you so much that you feel completely freaked out and give up. If there’s one thing that TV has taught me – if you REALLY know your stuff then everything important can be said in 1-minute.

The fact is that 9/10 people still aren’t switching and that REALLY concerns us. that’s where we come in.

Our job is to take all that information and pick out the important bits so you can TAKE ACTION.



We listen to you through Facebook, twitter, via feedback from web chats on ITV, emails to us through magazines and newspapers. We use this feedback to understand what YOU want to know and then we write about it, post new 1-minute guides and we highlight your concerns wherever we can.


RUDE PEOPLE! We don’t want to delete comments cus it’s all about YOU but we will if you are rude, say ugly things or insult someone.

We will not accept any junk mail or unauthorised adverts on our site. we will delete them.


We were founded by Sarah Willingham and our team of Super Savers. Sarah is the Savings Expert from ITV This Morning and Daybreak and a regular on various TV shows. Sarah writes for lots of newspapers and magazines and is obsessed with saving you money and not letting the big giants win. You can email Sarah directly with your questions, feedback and requests for new 1-minute guides or post your comments here.