Template letter for packaged bank account claims



For the attention of: INSERT NAME OF YOUR BANK


I have /had (delete as applicable) a INSERT NAME OF BANK ACCOUNT with you and believe I was mis-sold this account for the following reasons:

Delete any points which are not relevant to your claim

  • I felt ‘obliged’ to take out a packaged bank account and was told that it was my only available option
  • I was not told that I could have a free account instead
  • I was told that I had to have this bank account in order to get a loan or mortgage with you
  • I was told I would get a better deal on my mortgage or loan if I took out this packaged account
  • The account came with breakdown cover but I do not have a car
  • I was not told that I wouldn’t be able to claim on travel insurance due to my age (over 65s usually)
  • I was not told that I wouldn’t be able to claim on travel insurance due to an illness or a pre-existing medical condition
  • My bank account was ‘upgraded’ without me being notified
  • I wasn’t given enough explanation about the pricing and overall costs of the bank account
  • I tried to cancel the account and was told that I couldn’t
  • No-one told me that I had to register my mobile phone or car for the insurance to be valid

If my complaint is upheld I would like a refund of all fees paid for this account from INSERT DATE ACCOUNT WAS OPENED.

I would also like to be transferred to your standard free current account with immediate effect.

I enclose copies of my statements detailing payments made. (THIS IS USEFUL EVIDENCE BUT DON’T WORRY IF YOU DON’T HAVE THEM)

Yours faithfully,

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